For me chapter 4 was the most interesting chapter, from chapters four through six in Dan Gillmor’s on-line book, We the Media. Chapter four had a lot to do with public relations which is my major. Gillmor gave many tips on how blogging and RSS feeds are vital for public relations. He also quoted from Tom Murphy on his PR opinion blogs, “Blogging provides a unique means of pro­viding your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff. On the flip side, consumers increasingly want to see the human side of your organization, beyond the corporate speak.” I found a lot of the tips very useful because they pertained to my degree. Chapter five was interesting also and had to do a lot about new emerging technology and how it is affecting politics and the government. I definitely agreed with Gillmor about the renewal of car registrations and how they cannot mail you the sticker but saving money on envelopes and stamps is always a good thing. I also agreed with him on how many government sites need to have a suggestion box where people in the government listen to the average citizens needs. Chapter six had more about journalism and how new technology is taking over traditional journalism. Overall I enjoyed chapter four and five the most and found them very interesting, especially the PR tips.