Recently our class was asked to read chapters 4, 5, and 6 in Dan Gillmor’s book “We the Media.” I enjoyed reading these chapters just as much as I did the first three. Whether he is explaining blogging, how to learn by listening, or why independent/ corporate blogs are valuable today, Gillmor makes points that I continue to agree with.  

When is the last time you had a conversation and allowed the other person to explain a story without putting your two-sense in at all? Sometimes if you take a moment to really hear what a person is saying, you may find that they shared something you never knew before. Put simply, Gillmor explains that learning techniques such as “focus groups [or] scientific [survey’s]… don’t add up to [the effectiveness] of listening” (pg. 69 paperback copy). While I agree tremendously with Gillmor’s views on learning by listening, I also agree with his perspectives on why blogging is slowly taking the web world by storm. Companies are realizing that creating corporate blogs is a smart idea, and that “independent blogs [show] the value of niche journalism in politics” (pg. 103 paperback copy). Young adults today are part of the largest political movement in history, mostly because of politician’s interaction with new media and the outlets in which they can connect to their target audiences. With this being said Gillmor asserts that, “The issues of our times are too complex [and] too nuanced for the major media to cover properly,” therefore specific topics can be discussed more in-depth through a network of blogs (pg. 103 paperback copy). Lastly, I really enjoyed reading about why professional journalists often have the most successful blogs. “Voice, focus, real reporting, and good writing” are four characteristics that make blogs “worth reading” (pg. 114 paperback copy). These are simple characteristics, but crucial for the creation of a great blog.  

I find myself excited to learn all the things Dan Gillmor depicts about the importance of new media, especially because the people of my generation get to be part of this incredible journey!