I think the author titled this book correctly as I was reading the book “We the Media” by Dan Gillmor. The technology has have growth rapidly and make our life easier. Everyone can become a reporter or author through blogging, video blogging and other ways of media that make it available. We don’t have to wait for the Big Media to decide what they consider news or important to viewers. Readers can do their search or continue the discussion such as the comment made by Trent Lott at the Strom Thurmond’s 100 birthday. “This is a piece of tomorrow’s jour­nalism, and we in the business should welcome the feedback and assistance that, if we do it right, becomes part of a larger conversation” wrote by Dan Gillmor. It was hard for consumers to challenge or give feedback to the author in past but now the readers can instantly respond to the author. This provides more accurate information that is being floating around. Video blogging is becoming more popular to the new age of technology where viewers want to see actions of what going on instead descriptive details in text.