“Beach Walks with Rox – A Little Aloha Every Day – Join Roxanne in Hawaii and her dog, Lexi, for their daily video Beach Walk, sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always aloha!”

I randomly stumbled upon “Beach Walks,” and thought it was a neat vlog to share with the class. “Beach Walks” is an active vlog that features Rox and her dog as they walk along the shores of Hawaii. In each episode, Rox ponders about life and its challenges while weighing in with her own insight and advice. “Beach Walks” has produced 602 episodes to date and seems to be popular in its niche. Its even won three vloggies.

The best thing I like about “Beach Walks” is the dog, Lexie. How can you not love that dog? She’s awesome! I’ve always wanted a dog that wasn’t scared of the water and would play in the surf. I also like how Rox brings Hawaii into my computer through her vlog. I briefly lived in Hawaii and I’ve always planned on moving back.

I think “Beach Walks” is an example of a good vlog because it is updated regularly, the posts are insightful and it showcases the fantastic scenery of Hawaii.