I chose to comment on a great vlog I found that was so much fun to watch and showed incredible clips of India. Professor Sloan compiled a list of characteristics that make up a vlog, and I soon discovered that the vlog I watched did appear to make a stronger personal connection to the viewers, while also containing both video and related text that puts the video into context. The vlog that I watched was about “Sonya, The Bull” and how a bull with an attached cart (bullock) is the major ways of transportation in remote areas in India. The channel contains other vlogs about India and is essentially “a collaboration between an Indian and a U.S. video team” (http://swajana.com/about/). By filming the people of India, swajana.com is able to show how life in India is so immensely diverse from that of life in America. This vlog is definitely active because it is updated every Monday with a new video. There are currently 44 episodes that date back to December 19th, 2006. The URL for this vlog is http://swajana.com/.

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