It wasn’t until I enrolled in this course, listened to Ryan Sholin’s lecture, and began the first few chapters of Gilmore’s We the Media did I really understand how overwhelming new media technology is. Society today is so fast paced today. With the vast array of technology and education, the amount of time we have to learn new programs and fully understand technology’s capabilities is extremely limited. This forces a huge sense of competition to see who can learn the newest media technology the fastest. By the time the second person learns something, there is already new technology being invented and adopted. As a senior at a four-year university, I already feel the weight and stress of learning new programs and technologies; this is the reason I’m enrolled in this class! I noticed that it is now a requirement for all JMC majors. After meeting with an adviser and learning I didn’t have to take the class due to my upcoming graduation, I decided it would probably be in my best interest to take it anyway! I figured that soon I will most likely be competing for jobs with the students who are a few years old and a few years younger than me so I should learn everything regarding new media while I can. I completely agree with Gilmore about the fact that New Media will eventually take over…hasn’t it already begun to?