Dan Gillmor’s We the Media is very informational and insightful on past, present, and future media.  I really liked how it explained the evolution of media and how it became what it is today.  It gave me a chance to take all of the things that I have learned from my mass communications classes and relate them all together.  It went all the way from yellow journalism to the internet! I liked what he said about the connection between talk radio and blogs! I didn’t realize how talk radio was the first opportunity for real people to have a chance to voice their opninions to a mass audience.  Blogs took the idea of talk radio a step further and allowed people to voice opinions to a larger group of people and narrow it down to more specific interests.  I must admit, I was a little confused when Gillmor started talking technically about computers and the internet, but I feel as thought I got the overall message. 

My favorite part of chapters 1-3 was when Gillmor discussed Alvin Toffler’s book The Third Wave.  “Information technology, he said, would lead-among many other things-to mass customization, disintermediation (elimination of the middlemen), and media convergence”.  Toffler’s quote was highly accurate in its prediction.  Current information technology has allowed things to become incredibly personal, custom and unique.  One could find tons of content on the web about virtually anything imaginable.  The disintermediation can certainly be seen in sales.  Online purchasing completely eliminates the need for salespeople and allows customers and manufacturers to interact directly.  Also, media convergence has occured because people all over the world now have access to the same sources of media.  For example, the New York Times online can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, therefore increasing circulation and allowing media convergence.