Media has and is playing a major role within our society. In the book, We the Media, Dan Gillmor takes note of this. Media has been around for centuries. It has taken the form of many revolutions, such as through newspapers to the usage of the internet. The media always seems to be advancing. Gillmor touches upon the subject of radios and later the internet. As I think back on my own person experiences, I agree with Gillmor’s statements. I remember in history class learning about the “fireside” chats that President F.D.R. had during the war. This was how the public became informed of the world outside their homes and across the seas. I also remember in my young childhood when Princess Diana died. I recall my mother sitting in front of the television watching the news and later the public funeral ceremony. Television was the link the public had to connect them to the world. Presently, we have the internet as a major medium. During the September 11 attacks, the internet became a major medium to gather information at any hour you wished to. The internet was always reliable. You no longer had to wait for the newspaper to come the next morning or wait for your news station to reappear on the television. The world was now at our fingertips.

Gillmor does a great job in explaining these aspects. It was very interesting to read and think about. I would highly recommend any one to read this book. The media is always advancing, as well as the world around us.