I agree with many of Dan Gillmore’s thoughts around New Media.  The western culture is more concerned with profit and staying on top of the game that it forces most of us to compete and stay up-to-date with technology and communications.   We live in a fast paced environment which definelty promotes survival of the fitest.  I am not a communications major but, I can imagine the pressure one feels as one learns of all the new sources one must use and take advanatge of in order to capture a complete audience.   One thing I think of most often when I think of new media is the kids growing up today.  It’s amazing to think of all the children that know how to use computers right when they reach elementary school.  They have access to a wealth of information that would not have been possible before.  I agree that we are moving very rapidly into an age where New Media may take over however, I think we still have some time to see the growth with the new generations to come.  One would be at a disadvantage if New Media was overlooked and taken for granted as it can open doors that one may not have known even exist.