I very much enjoyed reading the first few chapters of Dan Gillmor’s book “We the media” and I very much agree with and support what he has to say about the media’s transformation into a grassroot movement. As we have seen already in this class, media is constantly evolving and Dan Gillmor’s book is useful to read even for people that are not in the field of media just to explore the democracy that new media offers.

I think Gillmor basically tries to get people to notice how things have evolved and that they now can be in the process to. The idea of citizen journalism, opens up a whole new world for us. It maks news more “real”, more “up to date” more diverse. When I read through the chapters I had to think of the Virginia Tech shooting and how the students had turned in footage from the crime scene with their cell phones. I think the evolution of media is a fantastic thing on one hand, with the internet providing us with the ability to research our own news put our word out and become active. On the other hand the overflow of information along with the fact that the sources are not necessarily professionals bring doubt to the believeabilty of what we read.

Gillmor picked up a very important topic to bring to the public here. This is something everyone should know about and I think it is one of his main concerns to let people know the role that new media will play in their lives and how it can enable them to be citizen journalists.