In Dan Gillmor’s book, “We the Media,” there are many points made by him that I agree with. The points he argued made me think not only about the entire future of new media, but how it can impact my future. New media has impacted our everyday lives and it will continue to do so as well as changing the world of mass communication and journalism. For example, camera and video on phones have had an impact on the world, Gillmor reports after the Rodney King beatings police are now wondering if they are being caught on digital video. Not only police are wondering if they are being caught on digital video or camera but potential employees are not worrying about unwanted footage. I would not want an inappropiate picture be taken of me and ruin my chances of getting my dream job. I believe many people have taken down their MySpace or Facebook profile once entering the real workforce because many jobs are now looking into potential employees profiles to see if they are the right for the job.           

  Gilmor also claims that blogs have changed the world of journalism. He stated, “the first blogger will respond, and other bloggers may join the fray. As tools are developed to help people follow those discussion threads across different sites, the cross-fertilized conversations will spread both in numbers and complexity even more quickly than they do today.” Overall Dan Gillmor did an excellent job explaining the impact that new media has in our lives today.