I agree with Dan Gillmor and his outlook on new media. I really feel the internet hold a vast amount of potential in the way we see, hear and read news. The level of audience participation and opinions is largely due to the internets power. New media connects us is ways that I think will only continue to change and improve. I also agree when he says that we still have to consider the fairness, accuracy, thoroughness of things published on the internet and who writes them. The news is meant to be presented in a non-bias matter. The legitimacy of the news is and will continue to be in the hands of the journalists. I think those who post or comment, are just opinions and voices to be heard. How news is made will stay the same, but the amount and how it is seen and heard is changing. I still get the newspaper at my house, and that is just one of my sources of news. I also use RSS feeds, like Gillmor mentioned in his book. I also have a news a feed on my home page that has video that can watch when I want to. One main difference about new media to big media is the access to it and when are where it is available to us. No longer do we need to wait for the news on the television to come on, or the daily newspaper to see headlining news. I can get the news even on my phone, and not just a sentence, the whole article. New media will bring us news like never before, and allow opinions to be heard. It gives us freedom to read what we want, when and how.