I think that this is actually a better title for the book. Or maybe just for me since I was completely overwhelmed by everything that Dan Gillmor mentioned in the first three chapters. But in a way, it was a very enlightening experience.

When Gillmor started talking about the fact that America needed something to unify new media, and that 9/11 was tragically the means to that end, it really hit me. Everything that you have been saying in this class came together. I remember hearing about it on the radio, going to the tv and turning it on and watching the towers fall, then going online to look at what the news media was saying about this issue, and then realizing that all over myspace people were blogging about it. In a matter of minutes the whole entire world was aware of what was going. That is crazy. With the introduction of Wikis, blogging, RSS feeds, and file sharing programs such as Napster and Limewire, it has truly become evident to me that new media is taking over.

But then Gilmor raises the question is the media going towards a state of new media transparency and is this ok? The media is already transparent enough if you ask me!! You can find anything and everything you are looking for at the expense of others. Is the media too open? YeM, I think it jsut might be. But I never would have thought about it if someone hadn’t prompted me to think about it.