From what I have read of “ We the Media” it seems to be a fascinating piece of work.  I Completely agree first off with the fact that a large majority of our news and interests of media tend to be strictly based around profit rather than informing the public.  I have never thought of this as dangerous but as put by Dan Gillmore “A shallow citizenry can be turned into an angry mob more easily than an informed one”; this made me think.  Our media can be a direct reflection of our society and vise-versa. By looking at today’s media , this is rather frightening.   I found it interesting that some of the best newspapers in todays society are run by families or small groups of committed investors rather than some large content controlling corporation.

 I agree with the fact that our media and the ways in which we get our news is changing in speeds we can’t imagine.  It is, as said by Gilmore“ A media revolution” that in my opinion we should all be excited to be a part of.  I know for some it may seem unstable, unreliable and in ways unpredictable but this is the age of rising technology that nobody can stop.  I agree that possibly the new interactive ways in which we can get our news may help society as a whole to be more involved and more informed. We should all do our best to keep up.