First of all, kudos to O’Rielly Media for providing this book online, for free.

Second of all, I totally agree with Gillmor’s assessment of the media and new technology. Chapter three made me think a lot about how I personally taken advantage of the Internet and all it has to offer. I can’t even imagine how people functioned without it. If I have a problem with my cell phone, computer, iPod or whatever, I go to the Internet. Within 0.547 seconds, Google has scoured the world with Web sites that offers help on how to fix whatever problem I face. 

Chapter three also raised an interesting point about the paparazzi. The annoyance of camera phones and video recorders isn’t limited to celebrities. Looking through the pages of Facebook and My Space, I see a lot of pictures that depict young people partying, drinking, smoking, etc. I would hate if someone snaps a picture of me doing something stupid at a party and then posting it on their Web site. New media enables information to spread at a rapid pace that can be detrimental for some.

In terms of journalism, new media is an invaluable tool. I think blogs and forums keep people honest. It’s harder to pull the wool of peoples eyes when there are literally millions of bloggers that can verify if a story is true or not.