Overwhelmed. That’s one way to describe my feelings during Ryan Sholin’s excellent presentation of new media’s growing presence in journalism. Though I’m definitely tech-savvy (read: a nerd) and am quite comfortable with – you might say cripplingly dependent upon – the Internet, I’ve admittedly been very late in joining the Web 2.0 party.

I refuse to join MySpace (though my friends made a fake page in my name and have gone to town with it), my Facebook page is, in the words of Dave Chappelle, “bombed out and depleted,” and my blog is, well, this. As I’ve said before, blogging is something I’ve only taken to recently, with this particular blog being my first real and consistent foray.

The main idea behind his presentation touched upon different approaches to news on the Internet from various sources. From Digg to CNN’s new venture, iReport, it is clear that organizations large and small are embracing not only the Internet, but the everyday user as a news source. This, to me, was the root of his presentation – we are all empowered to tell a story. The resources are available in all kinds of forms, be it a blog, a news site like Digg, or even a MySpace page.

What Ryan showed us last week simply reinforces what we as 21st century students have already or at least begun to realize: wherever our different paths lead us, the Internet is the thread that ties all of our futures together.

Is that too ominous for this blog??