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Reading these chapters gave me a more in depth understanding of the topics and lessons we are currently exploring in this course. I agree with what the author, Dan Gillmor, is saying. Gillmor states that new media is an advantage to us all and is on our side. Journalism has really been redefined with the new media and different techniques that allows people to broadcast or state their mind. Blogs are becoming a popular way for regular people and even professionals from companies to write and talk about current news. Since blogs are so overly used these days, companies and news stations are becoming less powerful. The internet is run and controlled by the audience and users and not corporations. There was a news station recently that laid off numerous employees. By doing this, they hope that users become reporters and submit their videos online of current news and situations going on in their city/county. This gives people a chance to become that reporter or broadcaster that they’ve always been wanting. Let’s see how this goes.

In chapters four through six of his book, Dan Gillmore discusses how the media shift from a broadcasting hierarchy to an open discussion has affected different segments of society. Chapter four discusses the “newsmakers,” including corporate interests who at first tried to quiet the consumer voice only to have such attempts backfire. But as understanding of this new medium developed, Gillmore illustrates how savvy private interests were able to work with the voice by engaging in honest dialog and developing positive customer relations. He discusses how open blogging and quality RSS feeds can bolster a company’s image. And further, Gillmore gives solid advice to future Public Relations personnel on how to use this technology in a way that gains the attention and trust of the public.

In chapter five we are told how television and soft money used to rule politics, and how that ended at the turn of the century. Political groups used the internet to find their base. It also gave voice to many who would not otherwise be heard. San Jose State alumni Joe Trippi showed the world of politics that online campaigning could prove to be quite lucrative to a campaign. In this Gillmore made a sharp and accurate prediction that, “Net-savvy campaigning will be the rule by 2008.” How right he was!

The world of journalism itself is the subject of chapter six. Journalists themselves may have mixed reactions about the world of blogging. Reliable, professional bloggers have proven quite useful as a source of news and politics. But large media outlets are generally not thrilled about a new world where everybody is a reporter, as it eats into their bottom line. Still Gillmore believes we will always have a need for professional journalism; in depth investigative reporting.

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As a PR major, I found these chapters very interesting because I was able to find out more about the field. The author, Gillmor, gave many tips regarding the PR field such as how blogging and RSS feeds are vital for public relations. In his book he also quotes Tom Murphy regarding his opinion on blogging, “Blogging provides a unique means of pro­viding your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff.” Murphy also mentions, “on the flip side, consumers increasingly want to see the human side of your organization, beyond the corporate speak.” I believe the more interaction one has with the consumer, the better the outcome the company will receive. Since the consumer will feel more connected with the product. Chpater five was also interesting the author talked about new emering technology and how it is effecting politics and the government. I agree with Gillmor, I also believe government sites need to have suggestions box where peole in the government listen to the average citizen needs. Chapter six was concentrated on the journalism aspect. Girlmor mentioned how new technology is taking over traditional journalism. I agree that new technology is taking over traditional journalism because news is being published more on line than on traditional newspaper. More and more people are signing up for online newspaper then traditional news paper.

Over all, I enjoyed reading chpater five because of the interesting topics that he talked about public relations and I was able to relate to it more.

My yummy lunch

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Movie about what I ate for lunch today!
This is a movie about what I ate for lunch today! I was surprisingly upset!

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