Even as a person who relies on the internet for research, file transfers, networking, and low cost publicity via my self-branded website, I have to admit that I rather hate the internet. – Don’t get me wrong, I spend 80% of my day on my laptop or computer at home aimlessly jumping from site to site and I really have no intention of changing.  I even use it to get daily news.  That’s why I’m a hypocrite.  I hate the internet because it’s replacing what I believe to be valuable, trustworthy, and professional publications.  Newspapers and magazines have substance and quality that the internet will never have. –   And then there’s communication.  Blogging and posts are so deficient of true social skills that it’s disgusting.  How can anyone be confident in a job interview or sales job if they only know how to communicate by typing?  Oh, by the way, this is the 7th online post I’ve done online today. –   The internet is a place to get lost in, and although Ryan Sholin’s presentation showed how individual websites can pull communities together, individual communities get lost from each other.   The web is a sea of individual networks and information that even myspace and google can’t truly contain. –  Since most people probably aren’t like Ryan (and his mom?), I think the future of media is going to be complete integration and co-dependence of web and print media.  Magazines will refer to websites, and websites will refer to magazines.  The future of drying up the web sea is also going to require a complete revamp of media websites.  Just look at Wired Magazine’s Website.  How many headlines do you see?  I counted approximately WAY TO MANY!  –   One of our tasks for Access Magazine this semester is to not just reinvent the magazine in print, but our website too.  We’re working on video blogs documenting photo shoots and the production of the magazine.  Articles will be online with the ability to comment.  But above all, our goal is to make our website easy to use just like a magazine is easy to read.   –   If we pull that off, then maybe I’ll start liking the internet.  Until then, I’ll remain an obsessed hypocrite.  –   -Matt