Ryan Sholin showed us so many different blogging and news websites it was difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that people use these sites daily to express themselves and gain access to all kinds of information. Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Twitter, Live Journal, etc. have definitely earned a prominent position on the Web today. There are so many different social networking websites that if you become bored with one, there are ten others to choose from, awaiting your registration. I was shocked to see how many Ryan knew about and was an active participant in. I have a Myspace and Facebook page that I do check regularly, but I doubt I’d be able to keep up with any others in addition to the two.

“Going online” today is almost as easy and necessary as taking a breath; and I’m not 100% sure that that’s a good thing. I remember a few years ago I couldn’t go a day without logging in to Myspace or checking my e-mail. Today, however, I try to keep the number of times I log in to these sites limited. Socializing in general is becoming so impersonal these days, including the act of text-messaging, and I can’t stand it. I hear all the time about my friends “arguing” and “fighting” with each other through Myspace or Facebook messages – I mean WHAT is with that?! People are so quick to write down their feelings and click “send”, and that can cause people to say things that they wouldn’t usually say to someone’s face. I do believe that picking up the phone or meeting in person is a much better way to socialize, especially if it’s something important.

I’m curious to see what will appear on the Web in 10, or even 5 years…