I was very impressed by Ryan Sholin’s visit in class last week. I had no idea about 90% of the websites that he talked about and felt like I was totally old-fashioned. I now definetely want to update a bit more especially in terms of blogging. It makes sense to me that Ryan gave us the advice to have a blog to enhance our resumees.

I was also asking myself how Ryan can keep up with all these things and stay up to date. I find it very impressive and no questions asked it is very useful. However I think I would never want for technology and media to play such a big part in my life. I would not want my life to revolve around it and I think if someone really wants to stay on top of things they have to be very dedicated to it.

I enjoyed listening to the aspect of citizen journalism and how the internet pretty much gives everyone with a computer the opportunity to get their voice out there. I am defintely motivated to start blogging now. I’ll still use my MySpace though, even though it is old-fashioned =)