The presentation by Ryan Sholin was very interesting and informative. The world is evolving around technology as we know it. Technology is growth exponentially and brings the world closer to us. I often waking up and turn on my laptop to get my news and information daily to keep me up-to-date with the world. Technology is help company grows and transforming them to become more efficient in order to be more competitive in the new age of technology. Technology can also help eliminate some old process jobs like printing press in the Bay Area. The world is becoming more of what is new now. The definition of news in this age of technology is a few seconds or minutes. We have to wait for the 6 o’clock news or special bulletin board to inform us of what going on in the 20th century.  New forms of journalisms have brought us news to the minutes as it is happening. Website like Twitter helps us bring news around the world with an instead of a few clicks. These websites have done a good job of bringing us news with integrity and high standards instill in them with these amateur and professional writers around the world. How long can this going on until the government decided to get involve? I am hoping to that this can go on forever.