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There will be lab time today!

InDesign CS3 Project, Due Feb. 27
The InDesign CS3 project will be announced in class. The theme is what I like and what I do not like at SJSU. You must have at least four stories, at least two likes and two dislikes. Your audience is the university community including the students, faculty and staff at SJSU. It will utilize the skills you have learned in the previous Photoshop and InDesign Labs. This is a two page newsletter with a name, a date, pictures and an issue number. Bring this newsletter into class next week in PDF form on either a flash drive or burned onto a CD. If you use art other than what is listed below please be sure to credit the source and be prepared to prove you have the right to use the material.

IN CLASS: Your name your PDF newsletter “newsletter.pdf” (all lower case, without the quote marks.) From a Macintosh Computer in DBH 226 upload the file to the server. Then put a post on this blog introducing your newsletter that has a link to your newsletter. Label that post “InDesign Project.” The user name aand password information for logging onto the server with Fetch is only available directly from your instructor. The FTP server may only be accessible from on campus. (The document can be read from anywhere on the Internet.)

Resources are available here for this assignment:

    Assignments: Due Feb 27

    • InDesign CS3 Project Noted Above
    • Blog Post: Opinions related to the presentation of Ryan Sholin. Label anything presented as opinion as opinion and attribute anything not presented as opinion. Label post with category “Ryan Sholin Visit.”
    • Lynda, InDesign CS3 Essential Training with David Blatner: finish the remaining chapters and all videos inside them.

    Assignment: Due March 5

    • Read: “We the Media,” by Dan Gillmor
      • Please read The Introduction through the end of Chapter 3. This is up through page 65 in the printed O’Reilly edition of the Dan Gillmor book. Label this post “We the Media”
      • Do a post on this blog (or put a link on this blog to a post on your own blog) related to that reading indicating what the author said and why you agree or disagree with the author.