When Ryan Sholin came to visit our class, I did not know what to expect. Was he going to tell us about web publication? Was he going to tell us about carreer opportunities? Well, he did spend some time talking about these things, but Ryan spent most of his time showing us what he felt were the most hip and vital websites of right now.

I’ve known about RSS feeds for years, but after being introduced to Google Reader and some good sources of information, I set up my page in minutes and have since found myself spending hours on sifting through countless news stories, picking out ones I find interesting, and becoming informed. In the past week, this has become a welcome part of my daily routine.

Another key site Ryan showed us was Twitter, something that could possibly be described as a cross between a blog and instant messaging. Ryan clearly illustrated how this popular tool could be used to not only get informed, but actually get personally connected with those in the news industry. As much time as I have spent on RSS feeds, I have yet to set up a Twitter account, though I’m sure its just a matter of time.