The presentation by Ryan Sholin was quite an eye opener for me as I had no idea an entirely different world was floating around the simple internet I use every day. Until experiencing and absorbing the information Ryan had to give us, I really had no understanding of the capabilities of the world wide web. It was funny and impressive to learn Ryan has an actual salary-paying job that involves training his co-workers to use the internet and keep them up to speed. That fact truly supported the idea that print jobs are definitely going away. One of the most interesting websites Ryan showed the class was the Twitter site where so many individuals spend their time online. It acts like a new and updated instant messaging service involving news updates and casual chat among friends. I really liked the website Ryan mentioned (, where anyone can access information about crimes, liquor licenses, and much more information narrowed down to specific areas within the community. This gives us so much more power and knowledge about the inter workings in our own neighborhoods. The “Alive In Baghdad” website was incredibly interesting because it was refreshing to see images of people and activities overseas that did not involve war. Giving cameras to those overseas was a great idea and helps every voice be heard.
Ryan Sholin was clearly very knowledgeable regarding the internet and all that is has to offer. His presentation was very interesting, but hard to follow. I had no real understanding of any of the sites and features he spoke about, so I felt lost at times during the presentation. I won’t lie, it was a bit overwhelming. I have a lot to learn about the internet and hearing experts like Ryan speak and share his knowledge really helps. Overall, I thought his presentation was a success with the students, we all definitely learned something we can now apply to our daily lives.