On Wednesday February 20th, 2008 our APSC 63 class was fortunate enough to hear guest speaker Ryan Sholin discuss numerous topics such as “What is news?” as well as introducing the class to the large world of blogging. I really enjoyed Ryan’s presentation when he discussed how news is not just “news that is on a screen.” There are so many ways to deliver facts to people around the world. Sites like Politifact.org from the St. Petersburg Times have external links, a main story and a “truth-o-meter” for people to see the validity of the news story being presented. Before Sholin’s presentation I had no idea that there was a website called iReport, which is the “latest [and] greatest in community news.” On iReport there are viral videos and are happily brought to the viewers. Along with iReport, we also learned about Marketplace. In Sholin’s opinion marketplace is the best designed business directory on the web and on mobile. After hearing all the great features marketplace has to offer, I can see why Ryan loves this website. A term that Ryan used in which I was unfamiliar was API. API is for websites so that they can expose access to their data and make their site easier to use. Lastly, in my opinion I found Ryan Sholin’s discussion on twitter and delicious to be the most fascinating. It is remarkable to know that people can broadcast live from somewhere such as Baghdad and then tell people on twitter that your broadcasting live on yahoo live! Ryan Sholin was extremely knowledgeable and definitely helped me to understand all the different types of news sources available just from having online conversations among bloggers.