Yes I believe new media is making a difference in this historical election we are currently witnessing. New Media is being used by companies and consumers everyday. Now even political candidates have found a way to utilize new media in their campaigns. One example is how Barack Obama, Hilary and most other candidates are using MySpace to gain voters and “friends.” Using this technique is great because it reaches a huge number of young people. On one of Obama’s MySpace, you can see youtube videos and even here an audio of one of his speeches. Obama is really doing an awesome job and shining light on himself. How can you tell that he’s the best utilizing new media? On February of 2008, the polls ran out of ballots and numerous major cities in the United States. Also, there was a high record number of young voters that came out to vote then ever before. Everywhere on the internet you hear or see a banner or some sort of campaign ran by Obama for America. It’s simply great. The other candidates need to step it up and do a better job at reaching out.

Go Obama!