Ryan Sholin’s visit left me overwhelmed and amazed about the developments in technology and new media in the 21st century. I wasn’t aware of 90 percent of the information Sholin presented. Google Reader, Del.icio.us, Twitter, Digg, Qik…and a sleuth of other Web sites that I had no idea existed left me dumbfounded. How could anyone ever embrace all this technology and incorporate it into daily life? I guess there is no other way but to dive head first in new media and see if I sink or swim.

It’s exciting to see how journalism is being taken to the next level. Traditional ideas about journalism are being shoved out the door as new media ushers in a new age of journalism. Sholin brought up a good point last week. Does a person who witnesses a car crash, writes a blurb about it and uploads it somewhere on the Internet a journalist? I think so and under this new definition of a “journalist,” everyone has the opportunity to have his or her voice heard.

Scoble’s latest blog entry epitomizes this point. This morning he was going to be at Sun Microsystems and was going to stream the conference using Qik on his cell phone, so if you wanted to leave a comment while he was filming, you could essentially join in on the conversation during a live broadcast.

This type of interactive journalism is going to be fun to explore! Imagine the possibilities.