Ryan Sholin did an excellent job at giving us the quick and dirty version of what new media has to offer.  Although I followed along the best I could, I have to say I was overwhelmed by the amount of sites available for blogging.  I tried to write a few sites down to check out later but, have not found time to browse around.  I did not quite understand blogging prior to his presentation but, now I have a pretty good picture of how it works.  It was amazing to see how many people are connected via the internet through blogs.  I felt empowered by the fact that blogging can lead to so many opportunities within the business and media world.  The fact that someone can just write what ever interests them and see who responds is exciting because your message circulates so fast without any effort.  I’m thinking, I might have to start my own blog!! Thanks Ryan!! ** I do love the instant gratification of new media, although I have to admit, I still love to receive letters in the mail.