Seeing the Did You Know 2.0 video wasn’t so much a shocking wake up call for me as it was a really thoughtful reminder of how thoroughly connected we are as citizens of the world. Plus, as a sports junkie, if you throw that many big statistics at me, I’ll be impressed every time. But back to the Internet. A web-driven world isn’t something to fear or be intimidated by, but rather something to embrace and be excited about.

In time, the world market will only become more pervasive and the planet’s different cultures will become even more intertwined thanks to this connectivity. The prospect of removing xenophobia from our minds and our lexicon is incredible, for it can only be healthy for our world to break down whatever societal barriers exist and to demystify the cultures that may seem strange to us.

Even now, I’ve found the common ground between me and my new roommate at the campus apartments — who is a foreign exchange student from Germany – to be the Internet. We talk about funny videos we’ve seen on YouTube, our favorite blogs, and the weird things being sold on eBay. I’ll get a blank stare from him if I ever try to talk to him about what happened last week on “Lost” or if I ask for his opinion on “American Gangster”, but we can hold a disdainful conversation over why the nerds of the Earth are obsessed with World of Warcraft. The two of us and the rest of the world will only become more involved in creating this shared global culture as the Internet connects us on a grander scale.

And as we become deeper connected, the global market will play an even bigger part of our futures. As an advertising student, I face the prospect of creating campaigns that appeal not just to a local or even a national audience, but to people in China, or Switzerland, or even Nigeria (hopefully). The idea that we might be in a position to affect people all over the planet isn’t something that I or you should be intimidated by. It’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to being a rock star. And knowing how my singing voice sounds, I’m telling you: that’s something we should all be thankful for.