Although I was not surprised by much of the information on the web 2.0 video I did find it a little startling and scary to see it all compiled into one mind blowing presentation. Things like this resinate with people. I began realizing how much technology I depend on and take advantage of on a daily basis. It made me realize and how much my lifestyle has changed over the last couple of years due to e-mail, cell phones, blogs, laptops, and my college education. Many of these things we take advantage of and fail to recognize how they are dramatically changing the world around us. On a lighter note, it may be scary to think about change but it’s not always negative. We are growing and advancing as a human race. We are becoming smarted and more aware of our direct surroundings. 20 years ago the average American new little about our surrounding countries, the problems that occur on the other side of the world and how each of us, as individuals can do our part. Thanks to advancing technology, a window has opened that allows for a direct connection with the rest of the world, “The Internet” . Our technology is advancing exponentially and will continue on in this manner. I guess we need to be cautious of letting what we’ve created take over. Let’s not forget the classic movies where the mad scientist is killed by his own out of control robot.