If i had a penny for everytime I saw Barack Obama’s face somewhere, I think I might be a millionaire. The way that he has utilized new media in his campaign is absolutely genius. He is on YouTube, he is on Facebook, myspace, he is everywhere. His passion for being the next president really shows, because I think that he is actually trying the hardest at getting all those on the fence voters. He is making himself available to people in ways they never thought possible. I never thought that I would see the presidential candidates on Facebook, but there they are. And Obama is at the head of the pack. He is on podcasts, his website is so visually appealing. I just think that he is doing a fantastic job. He has such a great voice, and when you are greeted by his podcast on his website, it just makes you think, “wow this guy has got it.” He just knows what to do, and new media is seriously helping him be successful. So go on with your bad self Obama. You are obviously the BOMB.