I’m not at all surprised that the richest country in the world, with the largest military and strongest education system and highst standart of living was Great Britain, even in 1990! It doesn’t surprise me at all that the country with the greatest number of college graduates in 2006 was China. What did surprise me was that the U.S. only had 1.3 million when compared to China’s 3.3 million. India came in as a close second with 3.1 million. Learning that 100% of the college graduates in India spoke English is amazing. What’s even more is that it is predicted that in 10 years the number one English speaking country in the world will be China! I didn’t know any of this…but it doesn’t surprise me.

I think a lot of Americans are blind to what is going on in the world around them. We need to look beyond our country and beyond our culture and explore the world and what it means for us as students, graduates, and as humans. Did You Know 2.0 is an extremely thought-provoking and humbling video and I believe it’s something American should watch.