The video “Did you know 2.0,” has overwhelmed me with a lot of interesting information. It is interesting to know that 100 % of India’s college graduate students speak English, and it is estimated that China will have the greatest English-speaking population in 10 years. Another interesting fact that impacted me was that the college graduation rate in 2006 in the U.S. is 1.3 million, compared to India which has 3.1 million, and China which has 3.3 million. Some people may wonder what has gone wrong in America. Personally, I believe that the cause of such a low graduation rate may be blamed on the fact that 21-year-olds have spent more than 10,000 hours playing video games and over 10,000 hours spent talking on the phone in their short lifespan. I often wonder what ever happened to the art and pleasure of simply sitting down and reading a novel for a change. It seems as though the age of Enlightenment has come and gone so quickly that our generation is doomed to ultimate stupidity simply due to the fact that laziness is acceptable in today’s society. It seems as though productivity is frowned upon by adolescents and being able to merely slide by is the way to go.

            This video has made me feel like America does not care about education or doesn’t value it as much as other countries. For me it is a priority that I utilize all the resources that I can and need so that I can make it in the 21st century. When I graduate from college I feel that as an American I will be competing with foreign students in the work force; however, taking a higher step than my competitors will allow the managers to see what I can offer to the company for example, by achieving a higher degree, joining organizations, volunteering in work related events, and interning, I believe with all the experience I will gain through out my college years I can make it through the competitive workforce.