Watching this clip made me take a step back to realize the world around us. I didn’t know, or would’ve have thought that their were other countries in the world that were “better” than the United States. I know that might sound vain to say, but living in the United States I guess one can get really lost in the hype of ourselves. The facts represented have helped me see what is happening and how things are changing. Who would’ve thought that China would be the number one English speaking country in the world in the next ten years? I know I would’ve thought that. I would have thought that because we live in the United States that we would be with English being our first language. I guess that just proves how ignorant I am to the rest of the world, or how sheltered the United States can be against the rest of the world. This clip has also made me want to become more aware of the changing world with technology. What amazes me, but also scares me, with what I saw, was the growing use of technology. Ten thousand hours of video games, two hundred and fifty thousand text messages? Messages being received in one day that is more than the word’s population? We don’t even think about it, but the numbers are great. It’s a HUGE achievement from we have come from, but I believe that we also have to be careful. The numbers are mind boggling, and I don’t think many of us stop to think about it. This clip was a good way to help me slow down and appreciate the shifts that are happening in our world.