There were a lot of things that ran through my mind as I watched this video. The ongoing media revolution is moving forward with a speed of light it seems sometimes. To me this is a blessing and a curse in one thing. I’m not denying that new media has made my life so much easier and I admit to being a frequent user of it. I have a myspace account, I frequently watch youtube videos, I absolutely rely on my laptop and cellphone and don’t know what I would do without them. Sometimes I ask myself how I did things before the internet and textmessaging and being available to communicate 24/7. Despite the practical aspect of all these things, the speed that the developments are moving scares me a lot. Just thinking about the accomplishments of humanity in the last 100 years is absolutely unbelievable to me. From the invention of something as simple as a lightbulb, to a computer that can exceed the capacity of the human brain in a bit more than 100 years. A blink of an eye considering how long it took for us humans to evolve from apes and walk upright. I sometimes ask myself what else can we possibly invent and I am scared that we will lose our humanity to machines one day.

As far as my concern as a student. This video makes me very concerned and uncertain about my future. I think for our generation it will be essential to constantly make “updates” to our skills and knowledge to stay on top of things. I see the future as extremely competitive. Who knows what me major in today will still be needed in 20 years? I think what every student has to consider after watching this is that we have to be aware that our country is not the greatest like many people here think. There are other countries that are more educated and more developed in a technical and academical sense than we are. I believe in the future we will really need to be going out of our ways to be savy in using new media, beacuse it is easy to be replaced by a machine.

One thing that concerned me about this in particular is that I feel we are losing a bit of ourselves and who we are to technology. Quite frankly. I think it would be more useful to adress issues like poverty, famine and health issues in third world countries rather than giving a couple of kids a laptop. Sure it is phenomenal that they would hold the world in their hands rather than a book. The question here is though what is the priority?