I found the Did You Know 2.0 video very humbling as a California college student. Californians specifically have the reputation of being so caught up in their surroundings and forgetting that the rest of the nation, or rather the rest of the world is out there.  When working in mass media, it is important to remember that there are millions of people outside of California with different views and beliefs.  There are 49 other states out there, and many of Californians have rarely travelled to them or interacted with people from them.  To be successful in the field of mass communications, I feel that it is important to have a greater understanding of these other Americans.

 On a global perspective, I found this video very humbling as an American.  America is commonly considered the “best” nation in the world.  But what exactly makes us the best?  In the video, I think viewers were surprised to see that the richest nation with the largest military, the best education system and the highest standard of living was not the United States but Great Britain.  And not even the present Great Britain, but Great Britain in 1900.  This video also pointed out statistically how small America is compared to the rest of the world.  America has about one-third less college graduates and about one-fifth less births than India and China.  Viewers were shocked to see that the number one English speaking country in the following decades will be China, not the United States.

 All in all, this video was very eye opening for Americans and made us realize what we need to do to keep up with an evolving and emerging world.