Watching the video made me think of the movie the terminator.  Ideas that have been around for centuries are now becoming reality. It goes to show the human mind is the most valuable assest we have and applying new crazy ideas have kept us one step in front of the game.  We as a people can accomplish any thing we put our minds too.  Technology is another part of life and finding a way to balance new technology in harmony with nature is key to maintaining a healthy future, a future that we have some sort of control over.  I don’t think that computers will take the place of humans just because they can be more efficient and cheaper to run.  We are very complex machines with phenomenal abilities that no man made machine could ever accomplish.  I’m positive about our future when it comes to advancement in technology and applying new sciences however, I am also worried about the waste and pollution that goes with technology.  If we don’t take care of this earth we live on, we will be forced to move some where else and of course the rich will get to go first.   As a student, new technology is definetly a huge part of my life.  Using the computer is a fundamental basic function and most of my research is found on the web.   From the online library to government databases, information can be found with the strike of my fingers.  Simplying typing a few command keys can open a new world of information.  Knowing how to search and what to look for can help you succeed in learning anything you want.  The video mentioned giving laptops to children who have never held a book.  I love the idea of giving third world countries laptops because although they may need clothes and food a whole lot more, the idea of exposing them to technology, is like giving them a dream, a dream of something that really exists, something they can actually see and hear and understand through new media.