Ok, so maybe I didn’t already know everything in the Did You Know 2.0 video, and maybe I didn’t buy the t-shirt…  But I wasn’t too surprised.  Actually, part of the theme of the next issue of Access Magazine is all about the naivety and egocentrism of American culture.  This video offers a lot of good ideas for the “Things America Can’t Beat Other Countries Art” article that we’re doing. .Personally, I think the video is a little long and droning.  I also think the “here is what you can do” section is rather lame.  On one hand, I can’t say that I’m anything near an activist.  Going to my school board and saying “are you teaching my kids enough?” just isn’t me.  However, a pro-active approach is probably a lot more realistic.  I’d be more likely to find a new technology and push for that specific thing to be taught.  Not just, “go teach our kids good stuff.”  In that way, the video fails for me.