On Friday night (2-15-08), a decision was settled amongst us: we decided to try out a new night club, The Krazy Koyote, we heard about it through flyers that were passed out on school campus. The flyers that were promoting the club informed us that a bay area rapper would be performing at the club, which was what caught our attention to attend the club. Since there are not 18 and over clubs in San Jose we decided we decided to drive out of the city to find some sort of entertainment for the night.

            All my sorority sisters and girlfriends were in a hassle to get ready. We all thought tt was going to be worth it, we figured because of how the club was being promoted. The girls prepared by doing their hair and their makeup while the guys put on their polo’s and cologne. We were preparing for an unforgettable night of adventure, or so we thought.

            However, our adventure might just have ended. After a pretty boring 40 minute ride, we reached our final destination. Once outside the club we realized it was actually an all-age club meaning little high school kids and a twenty one and over group were there too. The next thing we knew was we were forced to wait in line in the frigid air of Gilroy. Apparently, after waiting for so long, we concluded that it was too crowded; hence, the club didn’t want to let any more people in. Thus, my friend, whose name is Isabel, got tired of waiting, she decided to get into the club for free. Within five minutes, she exits the club and proceeds to tell the group it is NOT worth the fifteen dollars it takes to get into the Krazy Koyote club. So, she vents: “First of all it is not even packed; therefore, I don’t understand why they won’t let you in. Secondly, not everyone is dancing. Thirdly, the building’s walls are so ugly I can’t believe they would actually charge to get into this shit hole. Let’s just go to the car and finish our bottle of Bacardi 151.” By this point in time we just yearned to have a good time since we had wasted all of our valuable time and energy waiting in the terribly long line.

             I can conclude from this experience that the Krazy Koyote is not suitable for any people out there looking for an adventure.