After watching the youTube video entitled, “Did you know 2.0” I was left with several emotions. The facts regarding the growth of technology and how many millions have caught on was of no shock to me. I always knew that the amount of people who were exposed to the internet or other subcategories from that were enormous. But what really sent chills down my spine, was finally realizing how FAST all of these changes were occurring in such a short amount of time! It only took the internet four years to reach an audience of $50 million! That is an astonishing fact. Another bit of information that made my jaw drop was the internet company, I believe it was Google, that pulls in billions in revenues and has only existed for ten years. These exponentially growing times leaves me with an optimistic feeling and great curiosity as to where we will be in ten or twenty years. There was a statement made in the video about a laptop program that has been implemented recently.  It said, “children who have never held a textbook will now hold the world.” I felt so happy and “proud of the human race” one could say, to learn that people attempt to help bring third world countries and their people up to speed technologically. Along with feeling optimistic and curious about our future, I also feel a bit scared of where technology will lead us. There was a statement made in the video about how in the future it is estimated that a $1,000 computer will be more capable of tasks or be smarter than the entire human race. That is a scary prediction! What will happen to us in the future if technology continues to progress so quickly? Will we become so dependent on computers to accomplish our tasks that as a whole the human race will become less intelligent?? Or will computers become so much smarter than humans that they will take over our lives?? The future is always an exciting thing to picture, but along with that image I can’t help but worry about the outcomes of the technology being used today.

I am already currently feeling the challenges of having such fast paced technology surrounding me. Because I grew up with the invention of the internet and all sorts of other devices, in order for me to become literate in these internet times, I had to learn it all myself. This generation does not have the luxury of being born into advanced technology and have it present from the moment they could walk. I had to learn how to use a computer and what the internet was through school. Therefore, I am still hesitant about jumping in the bandwagon on the crazes of each new developing item that pops up. I still don’t own an I-phone. I have never used Bluetooth. I just recently created my first blog ever, for this class in fact. I have a hard enough time learning new programs like the ones we use in class (Indesign, PhotoShop) and being able to use their capabilities in my everyday life. But this doesn’t mean that I am not open to learning new things and becoming “tech-savvy.” It is a little daunting to realize that I basically HAVE TO get with the program here because technology will only become more and more advanced whether or not I am ready for it. It will be challenging for me to master the already existing technology and use it as a foundation for me to learn whatever is coming up in the future. A good thing about growing up and being a student during these developing times is that, in a sense, I am still young enough to catch on and not be too lost technologically. Also, having so many resources available to me can truly help diminish some obstacles that may be blocking me. I feel it will be a challenge to go above and beyond what has already been developed. Almost everything is so advanced already, it is a definite challenge to rethink how things are done currently and be able to come up with something newer,better, and more advanced than what is already existing. Although I have some fears, I am up for the challenge!