“You learn something new everyday.” It’s an old saying that most of us have heard for years by our mentors, teachers, and parents. I definitely can say that I learned something new on the day that I watched the video, “Did You Know 2.0.” This video did an excellent job of helping me to understand many of the concepts explored in the video. It’s remarkable to see the facts showing other countries successes in language and education. I was drawn to the underlying message of the importance for learning and educating people all over the world. Society today makes it crucial for all children, whether in China or India, to be well educated making for a successful future. Due to ethnocentrism among many Americans, there is a common tendency to believe that “our way” is the “only way.” People forget that countries like India and China are our competition, especially when you realize that in 2006 100% of college graduate students in India speak English. In the video I agreed with the concept that it is pertinent to learn how to take advice and suggestions from the up-and-coming countries. As a student, I feel I need to whatever I can to help support organizations that provide children with laptops and essential learning materials. It was reassuring to hear about all the children that will have amazing opportunities today to create a brighter tomorrow. This video not only made me feel optimistic about my future, but it has helped me realize that I can transform the futures of children all over the world.