It hard for people nowadays to make excuses for not voting. Candidates can be seen everywhere even they are not campaigning in your city. Many candidates have a new weapon such as to help them win the white house. Many candidates use Facebook and Myspace to help them promote their message in hoping to win voter’s support. Campaign workers can easily view the information collected from these websites to mobilize the campaigning strategy. Obama Barack has use this method the most effective according to in the recent poll. Its used data collected from the number of pages view per user, reach on search engine, Google page rank, etc… to determine the ranking. Obama may have been doing a good job of monitoring what is being posted in regards to his message. A user posted this video on youtube which can be seen as an attack on their opponent that doesn’t reflect upon the candidate. Candidates must keep a closed eyes on this so that it doesn’t comeback to haunt them later in the election. Voters can easily go online to view what each candidates have to offer  at the comfort of their home.The new media has brought out more voters in this election then ever before. People are excited about the candidates and proud to support them on Election Day. Keep an open-minded and be sure to vote for your candidate on Election Day.