Much has already been made of Barack Obama’s internet presense. With a high tech website offering user accounts with private messaging, personal blogging, sub groups and friends lists, they are fostering a digital community around their support base. Clearly his team is the state of the art in public relations, and that may be making all the difference in his campaign.

But much of the internet publicity is not Obama’s doing. He claimed no responsability for the internet advertisment slaming Hilary Clinton in a parody of 1984. He was also not repsonsable for Will.I.Am’s Yes We Can video which has drawn so much attention this past week. The beauty of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice. And, when their message is strong enough, the links are echoed through blogs and emails, reaching a potentially massive audience.

And the effects have been powerful. Obama has been breaking records for campaign contributions, pulling in a startling $32 million dollars in January. And while its unknown how much of this can be attributed to Obama’s online presense, the internet has still played a huge role in this, with 88% of the $32 million coming from online donations.