In today’s modern world technology is developing quickly and new ways of spreading information is invented on a monthly basis. This year’s presidential election is no exception to this technological wave. New media is most definately making a difference for voters in this year’s primary. There are currently several different ways to keep up with new information that go beyond simply the television or newspaper. I receive information about the campaigns through,, my e-mails,, podcasts, etc. It is almost impossible to not hear something about the elections on a daily basis.
From what I have observed and been exposed to, I feel that Barack Obama is winning the new media race against Hillary Clinton by far. I have been completely bombarded by Obama advertisements, support groups, facebook messages, YouTube videos, etc. But where has Hillary gone? Perhaps she is more “old-school” and prefers to campaign in more traditional ways. You can tell just by both of their campaign websites who has the upper hand in technology.

Barack Obama’s Website

Obama’s website directly begins playing a podcast of him talking about himself and the goals he wishes to accomplish if he were elected president. Then after you register, you are forwarded to a donations page where another podcast begins to play. This sort of interaction is new and fresh and keeps the visitor entertained while being informed. It made me feel like he was speaking to me directly, which could lead to a feeling of connection or trust that could be reflected in my vote later on down the line.

Hillary Clinton’s Website

Whereas on Hillary’s website, there is simply just a picture of her and links to the different features of the page. Her website is very “1990’s” regarding technological advances and is rather boring to look at. Aside from her bland website, I have not once received any type of pro-Clinton material over the various media or internet sites. There has been nothing mentioning her in my e-mails or on social websites either.
In my opinion, Clinton is far behind Obama in regards to new media and the use of them throughout their campaign. Aside from having more celebrity support, seeing and hearing Obama everywhere may greatly hurt Clinton’s campaign. Regarding the untapped “18-20’s” young adult segment of citizens who rarely come out to vote, being on the same page as them technogically and having them support you is a huge advantage. Being tech-savvy can greatly help their campaigns and could end up bringing in the few voters needed to push a leader apart from the duo.