It is truly amazing the kind of publicity that it available today to politicians. In the older days one running for president would be expected to spend millions of dollars in campaigns and media. Now, this concept has not entirely changed but the ways in which are available to advertise yourself have become so widespread. 10 years ago you would not find one presidential candidate that had composed their own website or blog or youtube video. In today’s race it is expected from them in order to stay in the same race as their competitors. After searching the web for some political info I soon realized that the entire internet it saturated with it. Obama seems to be the number one supporter of new media. The new media approach targets the young internet savy generation plus it’s free. Obama’s website was the most stumbled upon media that I came across. immediately gives visitors the option to join his movement while being greeted by Barack himself on a podcast. The website allows you to enter your e-mail address so that you can be notified of campaign events, join his blogs and stay in touch with the progress of his campaign. This website brings together every type of new media that Obama is taking advantage of . I think this is a wonderful way to campaign . Most importantly it allows Americans to become more closely involved on a personal level with the candidates. The websites and blogs are very interactive and allow people to more clearly understand politics that would not have been as educated before.