There is no substitute for familiarity during election season. The sole reason that canditates go on lavish campaigning trips is to familiarize their image and persona with potential voters. What the rise of the new media has done is create a convenient outlet for the promotion of their image.

Every morning when you log in to yahoo, or msn or hotmail you are being blasted with headline news that is hard to avoid even if you try. Every once and a while, you might actually be intrigued by one of the stories and click. Once you have committed to a story, there will undoubtably be a flood of video, reactions and analysis that will familiarize you with the subject matter. You are suddenly an instant expert on something you knew nothing about 10 mintues ago. You didn’t have to go to 7-11 to get a newspaper, you didn’t have to stuggle with the mess of pages, ads and irrelevant news, and now you can tell your friends Barack Obama’s favorite food, place to shop and what he likes to do in his free time (If he has any).

The new media is fueling the laziness of society, but at the same time we have become more informed and more enthusiastic about certain issues because of the conveniance of the internet. In a poll taken by Time Magazine, 74% of 18-29 year olds are interested in this years election and are following it on some sort of media outlet. In 2004, only 42% of the youth said they were paying attention to the race, while a mere 13% followed the campaigns in 2000. The rise of the new media has raised the awareness of our youth and given them information to be informed citizens.

Websites like offer an elaborate search engine that offers millions of video’s that range from politics to people filming some of the strangest events you have ever seen. While youtube can provide hours of entertainment, it can also be used as a tool and has sparked the awareness about political issues. Hopefully, the new media continues to raise our youth and future generations awareness about important political issues.

Here are a couple videos I used to get familiar with the canditates.