New Media is definitely making a difference in this year’s presidential election. Everyone owns a computer or somehow has a way to the internet. Videos, articles, blogs, etc are all over the web and one is bound to find a link that has to do with the election. The most influential way to get to the public from what I know are websites like Facebook and MySpace. Everyone has an account, or knows someone that does. I feel like it makes one person actually feel significant and that it’s more personable. It is definitely a good way to reach out to the public.
Obama has taken advantage of this by creating a MySpace and a Facebook account. On his Facebook account, he also lists a few websites for viewers to check out like his “students for obama” blog. Obama is a very smart man by creating these websites because he catches people all over the world from different backgrounds and age groups. The young people especially. Obama is using the new media wisely and probably the best out of all the candidates. I feel sorry for Clinton because of all the bad publicity she is receiving. As i was looking at YouTube, i found so many videos that made fun of her and all these scandals, rumors, and gossip about her. But i guess, bad publicity is still publicity?