In my opinion, the internet and new media have been very important in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign race. The presidential candidates have used new media to reach out to the younger crowd, 30-year-old and younger, since reports have shown that there has been a lack of votes from that age group through out the years. A few examples of new media that have been utilized to reach out to the younger audience are MySpace Friends, YouTube Stats, Facebook Supporters, Technorati Tracks, Eventful Demands, Hitwise Traffic, Meetup Members and much more. In fact, Tech President is an important tracking site that shows how many supporters each presidential candidate has on MySpace or Facebook as well as how many YouTube videos each candidate has. This allows the candidates to know how successful their current campaign is amongst the young voters. I believe new media is a terrific medium to utilize to influence young adults to vote and in inform the young crowd about the presidential candidate’s beliefs, motives, goals, stance, and so on. On Super Tuesday voting results proved that new media has successfully reached out to young adults. For example, Illinois Senator Barack Obama received 59 percent of voters support under the age of 30, while New York Senator Hilary Clinton received 38 percent. I believe that the digital media is the only media that is open and gasping for it’s last breath in the arena of politics.