I never image a new world which I am not accustomed to. I was born in a rural country area where I rarely see many bicycles nor car at all during my 9 years of existence. I would watch with joy and astoundment as the truck drove passed by our house. I often walked for miles to get to school everyday but rarely see anyone with motorcycles. I went to my Aunt’s house in Saigon for the first time for our first interview to come to America. My eyes was lighted with amazement to see how many people and cars were there. It took me days to adjust to this new atmosphere. I knew it only few more months before I took on a new journey. I got lost for the longest 12 hours of my life. I was playing hidden-seek my cousins in the back alley. I thought I was walking back to the front of the house but I was walking further way from it. Everything seem to be same and I thought to myself “I must be nea but why it seem to take forever?” I walked 5 miles and came to the end of the alley where it opens up to a major city street. People were driving motorcycles and cars with continues motion around the intersection. They seem to be in a chirograph without running into each other. My amazement to the surrounding was overcoming by my tears. I knew I was lost and a wonder lady assist me to the police station. I met an outstanding police officer who drove me around to see if I can Identified my Aunt’s house. We were exhausted in our search without any luck, but we tried again the next morning. This time, I was able to remember and got home to my family before heading out on a new journey. “What a new journey is going to entail for me this time?” pondering myself.