History is unraveling before our eyes! For the Presidential Election of 2008, we have many candidates – candidates of different ethnicities, genders, and religious beliefs. No longer will a person’s skin color or gender distinguish who is more applicable for a presidency. But not only are these reasons a stepping stone towards a new meaningful democracy, but towards a new age. We are witnessing an age with new media.

Media is playing a huge role in this year’s election. The public is becoming more aware and conscious of the state of our country. They want to voice their opinions. They want to be heard. Through the usage of the web community, the public can now do so. People are now able to communicate with each other through blogs, chat rooms, videos, websites, and the list can go on.

Everyday we are becoming away of this. Through the internet, the world is becoming more accessible. If we happen to miss a speech by a candidate, we can easily go on-line to watch it. If we want to know the different polls of a candidate, we can look it up within minutes. Many people have also made their own videos to support their candidate of preference. We are finally in an era where we can voice our opinions and be heard. 

The following is a link to Obama’s official presidential page. On this webpage are videos that support his campaign. At the bottom of the page are all the links that he is associated with such as facebook, myspace, and youtube. I believe that Obama is doing a great job at using the internet medium to his advantage.